Opinionated. Passionate. Frank.

Hi! We’re Dayton. We live here, we work here, we play here. Some of us grew up here, and some of us just moved here last year/month/week. I am Dave Leininger. I wrote and published these words years ago before I was elected to the town council.

People have served the town for 50 years as elected council members and clerk-treasurers. Established in 1827 by William Bush, Dayton operated as an unincorporated area for most of its history. Forward thinkers saw the need for water and wastewater processing when wells began drying up in the center of town and septic systems became full. The town was then. and some would say is still, full of shit.

I am just one of 1500 of us. Over 800 of us are registered to vote. This is my simple way to share observations and ideas with others. The issues page will track the progress of the council on two matters: Meeting the needs of the townspeople, and meeting the promises that they (or Cindy) made to the townspeople.

Your insights, opinions, passions, and frank input are desired.