Flowerbeds, signage, flags, and banners have been used to celebrate our unity for decades.

Beyond Flags and Banners

What are your thoughts on adding banners for every season? Is it time to beautify with hanging flower baskets?


SIA seeded the flag fund in the early days. Other sponsors have supplied personnel and equipment and funds over the years. Would you like to contribute anonymously or as a company? Should sponsors be noted? What are appropriate levels of sponsorship?

The Young Perspective

What do the youth and children think about Beautification? Do scouts and students discuss the impact they can make on Dayton?


TIL that burials next to a church are in a graveyard and burials in disconnected land are in a cemetery. The big cemetery at the east edge of town, the Dayton Cemetery, is not in the town  limits. The Bush Cemetery, between Shady Lane and Wesleyan Drive, is in the town limits and adjoins my property.

My wife mowed and cared for the cemetery for decades. In 2017, a group of townspeople engaged a widely celebrated cemetery revivalist to guide the Bush Cemetery beautification. She is a recognized expert, having revived and mapped more that 100 cemeteries in Tippecanoe County.

Don’t get caught up as this group of well-meaning citizens did. Within days, Sheffield Township authorities questioned the ownership of the land that the township had paid for decades to be maintained. It was a surprise to learn that an Eagle Scout project has been defined by the township authority’s family to continue the project. No call, no note to any of the five townspeople who have been known to the township authorities for years. The  scouts plan to replace the proposed brass commemorative plaque (see initial design) with a painted board, according to rumors. No public plan has been circulated.

Be careful out there. Good deeds will be handled clumsily.