Collaborate, Small Town Life, and Lies

Facts and opinions are very different approaches to topics that are relevant in Dayton. The topics are not so different than the challenges seen elsewhere.

No matter the topic or challenge or task, the following graphics have been posted at the facebook page for WeAreDaytonToo or the @tooville feed on the twitter from June. The quotes on Collaborate and Small Town Life graphics are my opinion. I hope they are yours. These are the ways my friends and associates and most of the current council believe and behave.

Many townspeople and people downtown know the lies are fabrications. Who hasn’t lied, right? Stolen a car? Abused the trust of confidants? No? We agree that big little lies are not pretty nor to be tolerated.

Ask questions when actions are said to have occurred, but not to you. Speak up!

Quotation from Helen Keller

together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Quotation from Casey Stengel

Gettin' good players is easy.

Casey Stengel

Quotation from Thomas Stalkamp

The secret

Thomas Stalkamp

Quotation from Vince Lombardi

commitment to a group effort

Vince Lombardi

Quotation from David Hume

I should labor with you today

David Hume

Quotation from Oliver Wendell Holmes

Many ideas grow better

oliver wendell holmes

Quotation from Napolean Hill

helping others to succeed

Napoleon Hill

Quotation from Althea Gibson

somebody helped you

Althea Gibson

Quotation from Mattie Stepanek


Mattie Stepanek

Quotation from Pauly Shore

seem to appreciate things

Pauly Shore

Quotation from Marilynne Robinson

to hear the train pass

Marilynne Robinson

Quotation from David Paio

there's going to be a metal fan

David Paio

Quotation from Immanuel Kant

someone else does

Immanuel Kant

Quotation from Kelly Clarkson

you shouldn't do this

Kelly Clarkson

Quotation from Bill Capodogli

compete in the world marketplace

Bill Capodogli

Quotation from Unita Blackwell

you need everybody

Unita Blackwell

Quotation from Carla H. Krueger

will be to ourselves

Carla H. Krueger

Quotation from Denis Diderot

any lie that flatters us

denis diderot

Quotation from Bo Bennett

there is a better reason

bo bennett